Supermarket Wine-Buying Tips

The wine aisles have grown up over the years, especially in places where you shop for food.

Small sections and shelves that were simply labeled “wine” have exploded into rows of bottles that are appropriately categorized into types, styles, varietals, regions of the world, imports, jugs, boxes, 4-packs, and more.

The shelves also pepper you with endless coupons, deals to purchase a food item in another part of the store to get $2 off the wine, and passively ask you if you’re interested in some wine charms, gift bags, or some fluorescent bottle stoppers?

The aisle suddenly has a lot of personality.

We know you have an overwhelming amount of options when shopping for wine, but realize you’re not looking to spend a half hour searching for something. In fact, you may be missing out on some interesting wine you’d dig based on your taste preferences, or a meal you may be having because you have to get a move on!

We created our free wine app Hello Vino to demystify the wine aisle and help you select or discover great wine you can enjoy, remember, and share with friends.

Here’s a little diddy explaining how we can help in an instant:

Simple Supermarket Wine-Buying Tips

Use the Hello Vino Wine App

  • Wine recommendations for food, specific occasions, regions, and your personal taste preference
  • Save your wines, create a wishlist or future shopping list, and give them your own ratings
  • Search for wines like you would on Google, or try our wine label image recognition (point and shoot with your smartphone camera)
  • Listen to audio reviews of wines you can easily find in stores
  • Sign up for 'Wine Picks for You' and we’ll send you deals based on your history and items you like
  • Share your pairings and wines with friends through Twitter and Facebook

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Check That Rating or Score
We’ve seen great industry scores on the bottle-necker or shelf-talker promoting a particular vintage, but the one for sale, or in your hand is a different vintage!

Move Beyond California Wines
Explore some the of excellent wines from other regions. In fact, some bottles from regions located in Argentina, Portugal, and Spain provide killer deals (roughly $10 and taste like $30)

Check The Vintage
Most wines for sale at a supermarket are meant to be consumed immediately and are best when they’re young and fresh

Where do you like to buy wine…your local supermarket, wine shops, Trader Joe’s, drug stores…sound off!

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