Easter Wine Shopping Picks - Pairings for Ham, Lamb and… Candy?!

It’s a holiday weekend!

You’re probably starting to run errands to get ingredients for your holiday dinner, and of course, those killer bottles of wine that you’re looking forward to sharing with friends and family.

We’re Here to Help

In the old days, people were left stranded in the wine aisle.  Now, we have these newfangled gadgets called smartphones that make us, well, smarter.  That’s where the free Hello Vino app comes in - the app gives you wine recommendations for meals, taste preferences, and for special occasions like Easter.  Here’s a sneak peek:

Wine with Dinner… AND Dessert

Right now, the wine pairing requests for Ham and Lamb preparations within the Hello Vino app are off the charts.  But, what about the candy?  Yep, how could we ignore the guilty pleasure of raiding Easter baskets for those (ahem) once-a-year indulgences?  The free app even makes wine pairing suggestions for all your favorite candies:

Why Are You Still Reading This?

Download the free app and grab some vino!

P.S. Don’t forget to tap the big green button when you open the app to download the latest Easter and Candy pairings.


The Hello Vino Team