Just in time for your weekend wine shopping - HUGE update to the free Hello Vino app!

You asked, we answered.

For the past three-and-a-half years, we’ve added several features and content to the free Hello Vino app based on user feedback.  We love our community.  And we get all fuzzy when we get a little love back:

Enough of the lovefest, what’s new?!

One of the most popular requests we receive from Hello Vino users is the ability to quickly get wine recommendations based on their favorite type or variety of wine.

"Is there a way to do a straightforward search on a wine type, such as recommendations for Rioja or Pinot Noir?"

For example, if you know you love Pinot Noir, simply tap into the new “Wine by Type / Variety” section of the app to get some inspiration for your next shopping trip:

So, how do you get the new recommendations?

It’s super easy.  Simply open the Hello Vino app on your iPhone or Android phone, then tap the button to download the latest wines and recommendations.  Here are screenshots to help you out:

Special Thanks to Kevin Quass

When we say that we listen to our community of wine shoppers, we really listen.  Sometimes, we ask questions right back.  In the case of this new update, we’d like to thank Kevin Quass for helping us with the naming convention for the new “Wine by Type / Variety” section.  Kevin originally reached out with the question above, then we asked his advice on which verbiage would help direct wine shoppers into this new section.  Thanks, Kev.

Happy Wine Shopping!

Here’s the link to download the free Hello Vino app.


The Hello Vino Team