Laura Lawson has a Wine Crush on Hello Vino - Radio Interview [Audio]

The witty, funny and charming Laura Lawson was kind enough to invite Rick Breslin from Hello Vino to her Wine Crush Radio Show, which airs on several stations across the county.

"Wouldn’t that be a cool app … If I like chocolate chip cookies. I like Big Mac wraps. I like lemon chicken off the grill. I like BBQ. … And by putting in these flavor profiles and putting in these foods that I like, the "computer" has an idea of what wines it might steer you toward."

Yes, Laura. That would be cool. And that app is called Hello Vino.

Grab Some Vino & Listen In
(Interview at 27-minute mark):

During the show, Laura asks Rick several questions about the inspiration for creating the Hello Vino app, the strangest food & wine pairings, and the most popular wines according to shoppers using the app.

If you love learning about wine in a fun, down-to-earth and totally approachable way, Laura is the perfect host. You can download this episode or listen to the show online.


The Hello Vino Team