In honor of the first weekend of Summer - New Wine Recommendations & Summer Pairings [App Update!]

Hat tip to the iaxb.com blog for the photo.

Sing with us:

Summertime… and the livin’s easy. (Sublime covering Gershwin & Ella)

Or, do you prefer:

Summer, Summer, Summertime… Summertime (Will Smith)

Or, even:

Summerteeth (yeah, the whole Wilco album)

But, we digress… Here’s the update!

We just published a new “Summer Grilling Season” section to the Hello Vino apps (free on both iPhone and Android). Now you can get the perfect wine recommendation for your grilled chicken, sizzlin’ steaks and even seafood and salad options.

How to Update: Simply open the Hello Vino app on your phone, then tap the button to “Download the latest” recommendations and wine pairings. ┬áHere’s a screenshot to help you out:

Enjoy your Summer grilling - Cheers!!